Saturday, 18 October 2014

Cah chicken mushroom recipe

Chicken and mushroom when combined into into food then it will make it into a delicious meal. Here is the recipe chicken mushroom cah.


  • Onions ½ part 
  • 3 cloves of garlic 
  • Chicken fillet that has been diced 250 grams 
  • Button mushrooms that have been on four sides as much as 100 grams 
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce 
  •   ½ tsp salt 
  • Pepper ¼ 
  • 50 ml water 
  • And cornstarch that has been dissolved in water 

How to make
Tumislah onion until it becomes half-withered, and then insert the garlic and saute until fragrant. Then add the chicken and mushrooms and cook until it changes color. And pour pepper powder, soy sauce, salt and water. Once the material is ripe, then insert the cornstarch and stir until all ingredients cooked. Remove and then serve.
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Monday, 13 October 2014

Women who like the alcohol will get old

It is a lifestyle that comes from the west rapid adaptation by the people of Indonesia. If you have a hobby that is it should be - the heart.

There was a study done by the university of berlin that expresses the relationship between premature aging with the consumption of alcohol on the body system. Alcohol raises lowers antioxidant on the skin, so the skin will be prone to stren and also will tepapar aksidatif substances that can break down collagen and elastin substances. 
Women who drink alcohol will often look older than actual age. This is caused by alcohol will make the emergence of lines - fine lines and wrinkles. And also the texture of the skin does not become flat. 
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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The positive impact of morning sickness in pregnant women

This is the morning sickness of pregnancy effects. Pregnant women will experience morning sickness such as vomiting - vomiting and nausea. It marked will have the chance 55-80 percent lower will have a miscarriage than women who do not experience morning sickness.

  Because there is a relationship between morning sickness and that affects pregnant women premature birth. What is interesting is found a mother who experienced morning sickness in pregnancy can lead to the baby in the womb has a good intelligence, especially in the field of numerical memory, verbal fluency and verbal performance.

Symptoms of morning sickness is caused by increased levels of the hormone hCG higher than progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy. But there are also some pregnant women experience this and some are not. But do not worry you can consult with your obstetrician to make it clear again.

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Friday, 3 October 2014

Resep Sate Daging Wagyu

Ini adalah sate daging wagyu, dengan adanya perpaduan kecap dan cabai yang bikin ketagihan.

Daging wagyu yang telah dipotong dadu sebanyak 750 g
Tusuk sate sebanyak 15 buah yang telah di cuci

Bumbu sate
Bawang merah yang telah di cincang halus sebanyak 10 butir
Merica bubuk 1 sdm
Kecap manis 100 ml
Air jeruk nipis 2 sendok makan

Bahan pelengkap
Tomat yang telah di iris tipis sebanyak 2 buah
Cabe rawit yang telah di iris halus sebanyak 15 buah
Kecap manis 5 sdm
Merica bubuk 1 sdt
Air jeruk limau 2 sdm

Cara membuat

Tusuklah daging dengan tusuk sate dan setiap tusuk di isi dengan 5 potong daging. Dan semua bumbu dicampur menjadi satu, kemudian masukkan tusukkan sate ke dalam bumbu dan kemudian dibakar sate diatas bara api sambil dengan diolesi sisa bumbunya sampai matang. Dan sate siap di sajikan beserta pelengkapnya.

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Jessica Dikeluarkan Dari Girls generation Gara – gara Curhat di Weibo?

Ini adalah berita yang menghebohkan dari girlband dari korea selatan yaitu girls generation. Para fans Jessica heboh dengan pemberitaan Jessica telah di keluarkan dari girlband girls generation. Dari akun weibonya, Jessica curhat tentang apabila dia dikeluarkan dari girls generation. Bahkan sekarang dia tidak diberi aktivitas dan sedangkan member lainnya menjalankan aktivitas seperti biasanya.

Jessica menulis curhat yaitu “aku merasa sungguh tidak sabar dengan event yang sedang kami lakukan, yang membuat aku sangat terkejut adalah 8 member lain mengatakan aku bukan lagi member dari girls generation. Aku waktu itu sangat kecewa, prioritas dan cintaku hanyalah untuk girls generation, tetapi dengan alasan yang tidak jelas aku dipaksa untuk keluar dari grup itu”.

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Manfaat Makanan Pedas

Tidak semua orang menyukai makanan yang mempunyai rasa pedas. Ada manfaat dari makanan pedas tersebut dan juga sangat bermanfaat untuk kesehatan. Berikut ini adalah manfaat dari makanan pedas.

Kesehatan jantung
Makanan yang pedas juga bisa meningkatkan fungsi dari jantung. Karena makan pedas itu mengandung senyawa capsaicin yang menghasilkan rasa panas di lidah dan juga bisa menurunkan kolesterol jahat.

Membakar kalori
Rasa pedas itu berasal dari senyawa capsaicin. Makan pedas juga bisa membakar kalori dengan cara meningkatkan metabolisme tubuh sebanyak 8 persen.

Menurunkan tekanan darah

Mengkonsumsi makan yang pedas juga bisa menurunkan tekanan darah pada aliran darah. Dan juga bisa melindungi dari peradangan darah. Yang paling efektif menurunkan tekanan darah adalah cabe rawit.

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Dewi Persik Angry, Lamborghini boss tangent Problem

Peach goddess when it became one of the guest stars in the television show private. In the event arrived - arrived peach goddess angry and leaving the scene of the talk show. It happened because it was Indra Bekti were questioned about Dewi Persik wedding news with the Lamborghini boss.

Owner rocking the saw was apparently kesak when asked about it, with Dewi Persik clear that he does not want to talk about it. Dewi Persik said "I love you right I already know,, if you still continue to discuss about this I'd better get out of here. I also have a wedding can be said that the problem connected with prayer alone ".

In the talk show team finally apologized for the incident.

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